We're Hiring!

API Developer
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


We're looking for a talented back-end developer to join our Halifax-based team and help us build features and improve our flagship product.


The person we hire has:
Experience building scalable, maintainable, secure backend code, also understanding fundamental concepts of unit testing, automation, Agile, and continuous delivery.

Is pumped to work on our API and build integration with dozens of third-party SaaS products, like CRMs, invoicing, live chat, project management tools, and many more.

Strong coding skills in at least one programming language, with the desire to pick up more. We work primarily in PHP.

In-depth understanding of AWS services and experience using EC2, SQS, Lambda, Dynamo, RDS (MySQL), S3, Kinesis, ECS, and IAM.

In-depth knowledge and experience working with Linux.

While maybe not a front-end specialist, can jump into HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript when the need arises.

Communicates in a professional and friendly manner, and can jump into support and help out a customer in a pinch.

Required Skills

Experience: 3+ years experience in a role working on a fast-growing software product.

Education: College degree or diploma in Information Technology, Computer Science or Software Engineering (or equivalent experience)

Language: English

To apply for this position, please send along a thoughtful cover letter to Jennie Sanford, HR Manager




$50,000.00 - $85,000.00

Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!